S.S. Winsum host local Quebec, Mont Louis residents & Army Radio Station personnel on board.

S.S. Peder Bogen Crew Members

Author& 3rd Mate Harry Williamson 

2nd Mate Jimmy Wells

Ch. Eng. D C Waddell

Carpenter & Bosun


Ship's Cook



Ch. Mate Cecil Ritch

2nd Mate & Ch. Steward




Canvas Deck Pool

S.S. Sourabaya Crew Members

Sailmaker 'Callopy'

Mess Boys

3rd R/O (and artist) George Plante

'Painting War - George Plante's Combat Art in World War II'

by Kathleen Broome Williams (2019)

The Book of George Plante's Amazing Life as Radio Officer, Clandestine Agent & Artist

S.S. Winsum Crew Members

Captain Smit

Author & Captain welcome Mont Louis residents & Army Radio Station personnel on board SS Winsum.

3rd Mate Veldhuis

In memory of those who served, in whatever capacity, and particularly in remembrance of those who were lost.

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